Quick Information

Information Booths

Located in the Orange area near Pioneer Hall, in the Red area near the Bech Parking Lot, and in the Blue area near Tauzer Gymnasium. The Orange area Information Booth also has t-shirts for sale. 


Look for the “Restrooms Open” signs outside buildings to use indoor restrooms. In addition, portable restrooms are located in three areas: in the Purple area on Food Truck Lane (aka Burbank Circle), in the Yellow area between Bussman and Shuhaw Halls, and between Bailey Field and the Zumwalt Parking Pavilion.

First Aid Station

Located in in the Orange area next to the Info Booth.

Lost Children

Found children will be taken to the central information booth in the Orange area. District Police will be notified of their location. If you have lost a child, immediately notify a police officer or cadet, or call District Police by dialing (707) 527-1000.

Pet Policy

College policy states: "No animals, including animals leashed, are allowed on campus including buildings. This restriction applies to animals confined in any vehicle parked within the College boundaries. The following are exceptions: Guide Dogs for the Blind, Canine Companions for Independence and animals used in the instructional program."